B&S Technology is your chain partner for precision parts, product assemblies, dies and molds. We possess all the associated technologies and disciplines. As well as the craftsmanship to achieve the most favorable result within the shortest possible time. What kind of precision parts do you require?

Partner in detail

Your company or organization is constantly evolving. Products are equipped with novel components, and manufactured using specialized tools. How pleasant it is to be able to rely on a single company for all these components. One partner who can deliver swiftly and reliably, with sufficient scope in the process. Who both develops and manufactures. Assembles, measures and maintains. From single-piece production to medium-sized series: our details make the difference for you.

Any dimensions and in any material

Precision work suits unique applications. We therefore apply it in manufacturing your component exactly the way you want it. The dimensions range from minute objects to shoebox and cool box size. And besides a wide range of metals, we can process plastics and ceramics. Our experience is beneficial in this regard: During our 75-year history, we have developed into a company comprising some 60 experts. With the acquisition of TMF in 2023 as a flexible production cell, we can handle a lot together, ensuring that delivery speed is rarely an issue.

Existing clients

Our client portfolio is wide ranging. It encompasses the field of the (high-tech) semicon sector, mechatronics and machine construction. Throughout the food sector and the world of packaging. For instance, we also supply the automotive sector, which is currently enveloped in an energy transition, with precision engineering parts for new, sustainable fuel technologies. And in the field of life sciences and health, where precision work is pretty much indispensable, we ensure that the required dimensions of 3D printed parts are accurate to the micrometer.

B&S Technology is an A-grade supplier. Curious how we match up to your standards? Get in touch



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