We build the future

The plus in our new logo is there for a reason. It emphasizes the ‘partner plus’ that we want to be for our customers. See it also as the extra step that we like to take, especially now that we are profiling ourselves more than ever as a chain partner in precision work. This new site is, among other things, the result of that. Just like our new house style and the renovation of our premises.


Walk into our premises in Tilburg and it cannot escape you: here, the future has been – and is being – built. Glass walls exude transparency. The old canteen is being transformed into a place that invites more than ever for a good conversation. A large photo wall of our professionals underlines how much we strive for a personal, involved working atmosphere. As, incidentally, does the office environment, with new desks that are a pleasure to work at.


Open, fresh and modern. These are the terms that suit our new course, emphasized with the renovation of our premises. Come and visit us, we look forward to welcoming you!

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