Moulds, maintenance and production

At B&S we not only develop and produce new moulds but also take care of full regular maintenance. For our clients, this maintenance is very important to ensure the quality of their end products.

Our mould- and tool makers disassemble, overhaul and assemble a wide range of moulds so they can be optimally used again in production. When a mould comes in from the customer, it is completely disassembled in the workshop. The parts are all cleaned ultrasonically.

Based on customer demand and specifications, certain parts are adjusted or replaced. Abrasion is checked and tackled if necessary. Different disciplines are used for this: welding, milling, turning, wire EDM, after which everything is reassembled. The maximum reach of the lifting crane (2 tons) and milling machine (X 1050, Y800 and Z560 mm) determine the maximum mould size that we can produce and maintain. All this is done in close consultation with the customer, we always provide correct feedback.

Are you looking for a new mould or maintenance for your moulds? Then please contact us.



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