Technology, the key to success?

On Saturday, January 14, the Day of Technology Gilze took place. At the company site of Thinking Steel we were present, together with 23 other companies from the region, to introduce ourselves to the future generation. It was a well organized and well attended event and what fun it was for the young visitors. For the youngsters there was plenty to see, do and experience. The Day of Technology was a great meeting place for the participating companies to exchange experiences and ideas.

When you look at our industry through the eyes of a child, a world opens up to you. Whether it was the candy key on the B&S keychain or the enthusiastic story of colleagues Robbert and Jurgen that caused our booth to be visited, it doesn’t matter. The conversation was started and hopefully a technology seed was planted in our future generation.

How many metal bushings are in the jar?

With VR glasses into the world of cooling technology

Welding simulation in the booth of SVMT

Building according to the drawing at SVMT, the specialist metal school in Tilburg

Construction with a computer program

The B&S yo-yo, how did we make it?

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