We have been selected!

On Saturday, September 23, the Red Bull Stalen Ros event will take place on the Prinsengracht in The Hague. A crazy bike race on the water with an old Dutch touch. Teams are challenged to design an insanely flashy bike, build it and complete the course across the water as fast as possible.


The B&S Micrometer Mobile

As part of our 75th anniversary year, the idea came up to participate with a B&S team. A sketch design was created, submitted with a promotional text:

“At the beginning of October 2023, B&S Technology in Tilburg will celebrate its 75th anniversary. The photo shows our complete team. How nice it is to come with this team to encourage our entirely “voluntarily” assigned colleagues during this playful race. A festive highlight of our anniversary year to race the Micrometer Mobile across the Prinsengracht in The Hague. The micrometer is one of our workshop tools. Toolmakers do it with precision, very precisely, that’s what we stand for at B&S and we’re happy to show that during the race. We are very curious!”


The B&S racers are in!

And then the great news came that we were selected. How nice is that! The construction team can get to work, the drivers in training, the press is running at full speed. Keep an eye on our channels, we will keep you informed.

For all information about the race, check out the video on the Red Bull website.



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