Press release 75th anniversary

Tilburg has traditionally been known for its many tool makers. Today, only a handful of these remain. One of the leading companies in this manufacturing industry is B&S Technology; they are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. The company has had its ups and downs but under the direction of its new management it has been on the rise strongly in recent years.

Technical craftsmanship

B&S is originally a family business with professionals who do not avoid technical challenges. They are specialists in the field of machining with a wide variety of metal and plastic types for national and international clients. They process mono parts and complete product assemblies in various sizes, from the size of a matchbox to the size of a cooler. They also have 15 years of experience in machining 3D metal printed parts. All with extremely high accuracy, quality and cleanliness.

Investing and expanding

Over the past two years, B&S has invested heavily. The machinery has been expanded with new CNC turning and milling machines and wire EDMs. Robotization further optimizes the production process. And they are proud of the completely new conditioned clean room. With a focus on unburdening customers in the semicon, medical, automotive, aerospace, optics mechanical engineering, food and R&D development markets, clean production is the motto for the coming years.

Partner into detail

The machining market offers great growth opportunities, the demand for product operations will double by 2030. With the recent strategic acquisition of TMF (Tilburg Machine Factory) as a flexible production cell and prototyping, they are the chain partner, one-stop-shop and specialist in precision machining. B&S Technology is proud of 75 years of entrepreneurship, as partner into detail they continue to service their customers and look to the future with confidence.


In case of questions, please contact:
Jeroen van Nunen – Managing Director/owner
Ingrid Bastiaansen – Marketing & Communication



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