Diamond partner DUT24

In the weeks leading up to Precision Fair 2023, we received a request from TU Delft. Can you help us? Every year, already for the 23rd time this academic year, a team from the university builds an electric Formula car. From design to racing against other student teams at international level. And all that within 1 year.

They were looking for partners to help them manufacture 5-assis milled precision parts for their race car, the DUT24. A visit to B&S and TMF’s stand at the fair was easily arranged. A follow-up appointment in Tilburg was made. This year, B&S Technology and TMF Prototyping are proud Diamond partners of the DUT24. We make and supply parts for the latch rings and wheel hubs of this special race car.

On 9 February, we attended the design presentation; it promises to be a spectacular car and race. Do they have a chance to beat this year’s 2023 winner? TU Delft’s Dutch Formula Student team is convinced. Nice that we can contribute to this goal. We wish them the best of luck.

Update 4th April
Today the tension rings and wheel hubs were delivered, check out the images below.

Keep following us, we will keep you informed.

In this video (from minute 41:38), the DUT24 is unveiled and you can see the parts we will make passing by.


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