Your chain partner
Speed. Efficiency. A process that simply continues, even when availability of materials and delivery times are an issue.

We at B&S Technology appreciate your interests, so we put them first. Think of us as your chain partner. As your one-stop-shop, which combines all the disciplines required. It starts with engineering, proceeds to production and processing and continues with assembly and inspection. All of which takes place in consultation wherever required, so that we remain constantly aware of one another’s position. The result? A product that not only optimally complies with your specifications, but is also completed in the shortest possible time.

The power of being multidisciplinary

To a certain extent, this level of interaction between disciplines is what distinguishes a sound partnership with us. Once Sales has coordinated your order with Planning, it proceeds to coordinate the order with the shop floor. We schedule the order, inform you of the delivery times and set to work on the engineering. And while this is going on, the shop floor knows what to expect. We prepare every step in this manner. And we ensure that each precision part – even if it is a component of an assembly – does not leave the premises until it has been measured and checked down to the finest detail.

Clean supply

Our role as a chain partner literally extends to the final destination, as we also organize transport for you. We deliver parts and batches to you or your end customer, and do so according to all the applicable requirements. This also applies to cleanliness, as our products can be cleaned according to either ASML Grade 2 or Grade 4. This takes the worries off your hands, enabling you to directly get on with business. Our production is Omneo validated for cleanliness grade 2.

How people make all the difference

ISO 9001 certified. Member of the FME Association. Accredited work placement company and partner of the SVMT foundation, which focuses on vocational training for the metalworking industry in the Tilburg area. The above accurately reflects what we stand for. And it is complemented by the qualities of our workforce. Craftsmanship is one thing, but is there also a will to coordinate important details with the client’s engineer? To consult with you wherever necessary, with a view to achieving the most favorable result possible? A penchant for perfection is deeply ingrained in the general attitude present on our shop floor. We can therefore vouch for an optimum yield on your investment.

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