Defense & Aerospace

Nowhere are such high standards applicable as in the defense & aerospace industry. While safe, efficient and robust are criteria that the technology naturally has to meet, of course, it also has to satisfy equally stringent requirements in terms of precision and accurate handling. And our products’ value also lies in the sum of their parts therefore. This ensures that they run smoothly in any process, while remaining resistant to the attendant conditions, which are often quite harsh. Viewed from this perspective, the contribution we make to defense and aerospace suppliers’ operations can be briefly yet firmly summarized: We set equally great store by the pursuit of superior quality as our clients.

Enquire about the possibilities for the following:

  • Mechatronics parts
  • Composite and 3D-printed metal parts (post machining)
  • Prototype antennas
  • Testing and simulation
  • Parts for drones, satellites and solar panels