Life Sciences & Health

Reliable, durable and safe. Supplemented by the most stringent requirements in terms of cleanliness. We are familiar with life sciences & health sector and its applicable standards, which we also observe ourselves. We therefore ensure that our products remain corrosion free, for example. We also collaborate with the client’s engineers in devising solutions for health and healing. This also applies to that particular precision titanium component: developed and manufactured to micrometer precision and used for the production of medical isotopes. A challenging project? It certainly was – and that’s also the reason it proved so satisfying.

Engage us to supply your:

  • Precision tooling for isotope scanning and/or irradiation
  • Injection tooling for elastomers (components of vaccination syringes)
  • Precision tooling for prototypes and gauges (measurement and laboratory equipment)
  • Prototype parts for blood transfusion equipment