Research & Science

Knowledge and innovation serve as the basis for the latest developments in a vast range of sectors. And there is an abundance of these two very attributes at research centers and universities of technology. It is there that prototypes are created, and that the engineering for the next groundbreaking product is first committed to paper. This is a challenging environment, in which we are pleased to make a contribution. After all, our knowledge of engineering and product development is not limited to a later phase of product development, but comes into its own from the very outset. Listening, thinking along, advising: The power of a chain partner also becomes apparent, in the form of prototyping and precision work for several disciplines.

Collaborate with us in the field of:

  • Industrial & electrical engineering
  • Process & product design, process & equipment design
  • Bioprocess engineering, automotive systems design
  • Smart buildings & cities, energy & process technology
  • Robotics, chemical product design