Specialists in precision work
B&S Technology provides precision engineering and tooling for your products. 

We have all the in-house resources required, from the initial development of your components to the maintenance of your tools. Much of what we do entails customization. Items designed for specific applications and manufactured in a clean environment, which are accurate to the micron. And which materials do we utilize? We are highly flexible in this regard. Whether it involves aluminum, stainless steel or titanium, or even plastics or ceramics: We have the appropriate experts, machinery and technologies for any material.

CAD engineering & CAM programming

A meticulous eye for detail is an essential part of all we do. This also applies to our engineering department, which uses CAD/CAM packages to develop your sketches or ideas into technical drawings. We plot the dimensions and tolerances, submit them for your approval wherever necessary, then pass them on to production, which is prepared and eager to machine your product.


From conventional and CNC lathes to CNC milling & turning machinery that performs both operations in one. Able to turn any which way you want, we can therefore efficiently manufacture a vast range of products.


Our various 3- and 5-axis and robotized CNC milling machines jointly offer countless possibilities. We use Edgecam/Hypermill to program our machinery and simulate each milling operation in advance. This enables us to spot any error in due time.

Wire and diesink Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Our wire EDMs, each with its own characteristic specifications, enable us to ‘jigsaw’ metal as it were in a highly versatile and accurate manner. The same is applies to our diesink EDMs, which are capable of the high- precision machining of hardened and carbide parts using in-house manufactured electrodes.

Grinding and lapping

There are basically as many specialized grinding methods as there are products. And we can perform almost all of them in house. This includes cylindrical, profile and contour grinding. But also surface grinding and not to forget lapping.

Tool assembly

Those molds and dies for your products: We manufacture, fit and maintain them. Besides finishing and deburring parts, we assemble small modules and prototypes in our cleanroom (ISO6). We also provide laser engraving of parts.

Metrology department

Our conditoned metrology department is equipped with Zeiss and Wenzel 3D touch-trigger measuring machines. These are used to perform intermediate checks and a thorough final inspection of the components manufactured for you, in the same manner as with our own contour measurement applications.


In our production process, we set high standards when it comes to cleanliness production. This is absolutely necessary for surface cleanliness and preventing contamination on the products. We have a fully conditioned ISO 6 and ISO 7 cleanroom. In the pre-clean room the products are cleaned and conditioned baked out in special ovens. In Cleanroom ISO 6 the product is assembled clean and ready for shipment to the customer.

Curious whether we could manufacture your precision components, product assemblies, dies and molds? Get in touch